Video Surveillance Solutions

Security conscious organizations come in all shapes and sizes.  Some span an entire nation such as railways and some are confined to a smaller area such as a national monument or educational institution. Regardless of their size, they require effective security solutions.

Voice Products, Inc. offers video packages that allow you to cost-effectively secure your mission-critical infrastructure while delivering valuable operational benefits, with next-generation, enterprise-class IP video surveillance solutions.  Your organization does not have to compromise on security or quality.  Easy and cost-effective to implement and fully upgradeable, our packages enable you to maximize your investment by providing a premium, upgradeable, enterprise-class solution at a competitive price.  Chart a seamless upgrade path to future capacity and capability needs, integrate with edge devices as well as security management, and access control systems for full-fledged security functionality.  Gain advanced situation management and superior video quality.  Choose a software-only or turnkey solution - whatever best suits your needs.

NICE has developed customized packages that address the needs of all organizations with next-generation, enterprise-class, open-platform IP video surveillance solutions. Available as software kits or turnkey solutions, NiceVision Net Product Packages fit your needs.

Salient Systems is an acknowledged and trusted manufacturer of video surveillance management systems (VMS) headquartered in Austin, Texas.  The simplicity of Salient’s CompleteView™ VMS lies in the consistent user experience from single server to multi-site, multi-server environments.