Voice Logging Systems

As utility monopolies disappear, the industry is becoming increasingly competitive. But with the open market comes rising costs since utility providers face intense scrutiny related to environmental concerns, regulatory oversight and labor issues. As budgets tighten, the call center is one of the first places companies look for efficiencies. Challenged to do more with less while still delivering the quality of service that customers expect, in a way that maximizes operational efficiency and complies with established policies and procedures.

Deregulation is driving overall customer contact volumes higher as utility customers compare rates, inquire about new offers and request changes in their service. Call centers need to be able to handle this increase without the luxury of additional staff, and in a way that yields a positive experience for customers. Since the majority of call center expenses result from personnel costs, any increase in productivity significantly impacts the bottom line. Employees must be used where their skills have the most benefit. When customers inquire about their bills, report problems or request changes in their service, employees need to act effectively and efficiently.

Driven by real-time cross-channel analytics, Voice Products, Inc. provides solutions for increasing revenue, enhancing customer experience, improving regulatory compliance, and optimizing contact center and back office operations.

The Nice Perform Express platform provides a cost effective, easy-to-install call recording solution.

Nice Inform provides structure to unstructured multimedia, seamlessly combining the data for a complete, authentic, chronological audio/visual timeline and 360-degree view.

NiceLog High Density Logger utilizes a new PCI-based architecture, providing a future-proof, digital, multimedia recording platform with expanded capacity and a wide range of scalable recording solutions.

From the largest Fortune 100 companies to the small branch office, our enterprise solutions are implemented by contact centers of all sizes.

Digital Video Recording

iRecord is designed to increase efficiency through the recording and managment of interviews.  iRecord is the natural choice when a video and audio recording solution with very high quality and reliability is required.

Video Surveillance

NiceVision Net delivers complete, end-to-end IP video surveillance that captures, records, analyzes, investigates and visualizes. With an open platform that supports ONVIF standards, Net 2.5 provides you with maximum flexibility by seamlessly integrating with new and existing edge devices, as well as security management and access control systems.

Salient Systems is a leading provider of IP video surveillance software, video management systems with IP video servers, and hybrid CCTV software. From an entry level video server to configuring enterprise video management software, find out which Salient CompleteView edition is right for you.