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Voice Products, Inc. DIR Contract Number DIR-TSO-2560 (iRecord, VIEVU, Salient, VIQ)
Voice Products, Inc. was awarded a DIR Contract (DIR-TSO-2560) (iRECORD, VIEVU, Salient, VIQ).  Click here for additional contact information.
Voice Products, Inc. DIR Contract Number DIR-TSO-3438 (iRecord, NICE Public Safety, NICE Enterprise)
Voice Products, Inc. was awarded a DIR Contract (DIR-TSO-3438) (iRecord and NICE).  Click here for additional contact information.
For more information on the DIR Cooperative Contracts Program, click here.

Voice Products, Inc. Company Information
  • Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, Voice Products, Inc. now has sales and service offices in Wichita, Houston, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, and Springdale, Arkansas. We also support dealers throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Nebraska.
  • Voice Products, Inc. is the largest privately held voice logging, dictation, speech recognition, and computer-assisted coding company in the Midwest with more installations than any other vendor. Voice Products, Inc., a debt-free corporation, has received the highest ranking given by Dun & Bradstreet for a corporation and proudly maintains its status, confirming the assurance of stability and longevity.
  • Voice Products, Inc. was founded in 1990, and is the total solution provider, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for sales, training and service in the voice/data/video processing market. That availability ensures customers will always be able to contact a friendly, knowledgeable individual to assist them, demonstrating the commitment to its customers.
  • Presently, 70% of our workforce is in the service and support areas, demonstrating our continued commitment to our customers. Voice Products, Inc. strives to achieve the highest levels of trust by providing quality products and a pledge to continued customer satisfaction through ongoing service and support.
  • Voice Products has installed hundreds of systems across a seven state region.
  • Voice Products has built its business around the best manufacturers and products available.
“Voice Technologies for Your Business” is our business.

Voice Products, Inc. Corporate Headquarters

8555 E. 32nd Street North
Wichita, KS 67226
1-800-466-1152 (24/7)
316-616-1111 (local)
Fax: 316-263-1823

Warranty and Maintenance Policy
  • All equipment on DIR sales comes with a one-year warranty for parts and labor.
  • Optional Service Agreements are available for additional years.
  • Voice Products, Inc maintains a stock of replacement parts and will be able to provide parts for the life of the equipment.
Return Policy
  • Contact Voice Products for additional information.

Voice Products, Inc. DIR Contacts
8555 E. 32nd Street North
Wichita, KS 67226
1-800-466-1152 (24/7)
316-616-1111 (local)
Fax: 316-263-1823

Contract Administration  
    Dean Tullis dtullis@voiceproductsinc.com
    Stuart Peters speters@voiceproductsinc.com
Administrative Fees, Reporting, Billing and Accounting  
    Colette Dryden cdryden@voiceproductsinc.com
NICE Sales  
    Brett Johnson Texas bjohnson@voiceproductsinc.com
    Stuart Peters NICE SMB Channel Manager - All Locations
NICE Public Safety - Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska
    Pat Teschke Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma pteschke@voiceproductsinc.com
    Russ Clark Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming rclark@voiceproductsinc.com
Salient, iRecord, VIQ Sales    
    Andrew DeBarbieris Texas adebar@voiceproductsinc.com
    Bob Farrell Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma bfarrell@voiceproductsinc.com
    Brett Johnson Louisiana, Texas bjohnson@voiceproductsinc.com
    Russ Clark Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming rclark@voiceproductsinc.com
    Stuart Peters Iowa, Nebraska speters@voiceproductsinc.com
Philips, Dolbey, Dragon, Trucode, Clario Sales    
    Dean Tullis Kansas, All Other Locations dtullis@voiceproductsinc.com
    Mike Duncan Oklahoma mduncan@voiceproductsinc.com
    Randy Rawlinson Texas rrawlinson@voiceproductsinc.com
    Tom Peeke Arkansas, Missouri tpeeke@voiceproductsinc.com
Trade Show Coordinator    
    Ronda Riggle   rriggle@voiceproductsinc.com

The Art of the Deal: State Procurement Contracts Ease Technology Purchasing for Texas Agencies.
February 4, 2008, by Andy Opsahl | Reprinted with permission from Texas Technology Magazine
“IT’s not just for Texas anymore! Excerpt from “Spotlight on DIR”
“Even if you’re in a smaller state, you can buy off the Texas DIR contracts, and we’re really trying to build that because it actually benefits the state of Texas. If we drive more volume, then we can drive prices down - everybody wins,” Reed said.
Occasionally other states are interested in purchasing off of DIR contracts, she said.
Reed said proof of DIR contracts’ value lies in the fact that 80 percent of governments using DIR contracts do so voluntarily. The DIR mandates that all state agencies use the contracts, but local governments can go it alone.
“That’s really the best feedback,” Reed said. “If these weren’t good deals, those local governments wouldn’t be using them.”
Many public entities outside of Texas may also buy through DIR.

Voice Products, Inc.
VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Statement)
qwqwqIt is the goal of Voice Products to make its websites and products accessible to all, including those users with disabilities, per these WC3 (World Wide Web Consortium) developed success criteria:
  • People with disabilities do not encounter the failure of functions of the specified technologies as a result of their disability.
  • Web content and applications implemented can be adapted for people with disabilities with a high level of usability and exhibits high usability without assistance technology. Accessibility involves both "direct" accessibility, without additional technology, and also accessibility by compatibility with assistive technologies
  • Voice Products will also strive to achieve compatibility with assistive technology and to optimize where assistive technology has been implemented in relation to our voice, video, recording and license plate recognition technology products.
Voice Products welcomes comments on how we can improve site accessibility and/or functionality for users with disabilities. If you use assistive technology and the format of material on our Web site interferes with your ability to access the information provided, please contact Voice Products at
1-800-466-1152 or email us at accessibility@voiceproducts.com.
To help us respond, please indicate the nature of your accessibility issue, the preferred format in which you would like to receive the information, and your contact information. Voice Products, Inc. will strive to meet your accessibility needs.