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    At Voice Products, Inc, we have highly skilled and certified technicians and trainers capable of providing the service and support needed to run mission-critical applications. We proudly serve the following industries, and more: Healthcare Courtroom Legal Law Enforcement Insurance Banking Public Safety Utilities Transportation Child Advocacy more»
    • Healthcare
      Fusion Suite™ from Dolbey is a complete line of software and hardware solutions, for the first time written by one company to address a seamless integration from dictation, document management, both front and back-end speech recognition software, and computer-assisted coding software.  This integration allows capabilities never before possible.  With more sales and service personnel and locations throughout the U.S., … more»
    • Courtroom
      The right digital audio recording platform can help courts do more with less.  We are proud to offer the VIQ Courtroom/Conference Recording System. VIQ Solutions Inc. is a global leader in computer-based digital audio and video capture and management, specializing in digital recording solutions for courts, depositions, conferences and meetings.  VIQ's purely digital solutions will save you time and effort by eliminating the cha… more»
    • Legal
      Dictation Solutions We offer a complete array of flexible solutions from Philips, the world leader in dictation, to meet the dictation demands of today's law firms.  Attorney’s and their assistants have a variety of options available that can be tailored to provide the perfect solution for your unique needs. iPhone - The Philips SpeechExec Enterprise dictation recorder for iPhone is designed to fit perfectly into the Philips … more»
    • Law Enforcement
      Voice Logging Systems If you’re a police chief, you know the most important thing your personnel need to respond to incidents is relevant, real-time information about what’s happening, where and when. The second most important thing they need to know is what actions to take based on the situation. The problem is – much of this information they use today resides in silos, making it difficult to “connect the dots&rd… more»
    • Insurance
      Consumers have many choices when looking for a company to insure their health, homes, automobiles and other valuables. As competition grows among insurance providers, providing existing policyholders a satisfying customer experience is critical. Ensure their continued business and long-term growth by fully understanding what they expect from your company and make sure your employees consistently deliver on those expectations. Regulatory… more»
    • Banking
      Voice Logging Systems Large volumes of transactions, increased criminal sophistication, global regulations and tight budgets have made cost-effective, cross-channel risk management a priority for retail banks. Thousands of banks, trading floors, contact centers and sales and marketing departments across the globe rely daily on NICE Perform for capturing and analyzing interactions such as phone calls, emails, chat and social media. Driv… more»
    • Public Safety
      Voice Logging Systems Serving the public sector has never been more difficult. Government agencies face a multitude of challenges. They must spend the public’s money wisely while fulfilling citizens’ expectations of service. New legislative mandates and changing demographics are also driving a technological transformation of public sector call centers. Investment in new technology, once seen as a luxury, is increasingly viewe… more»
    • Utilities
      Voice Logging Systems As utility monopolies disappear, the industry is becoming increasingly competitive. But with the open market comes rising costs since utility providers face intense scrutiny related to environmental concerns, regulatory oversight and labor issues. As budgets tighten, the call center is one of the first places companies look for efficiencies. Challenged to do more with less while still delivering the quality of servi… more»
    • Transportation
      Voice Logging Systems Whether a transportation company moves people or cargo, satisfying customers and retaining their business is an important key to success. Competition for customers is becoming increasingly intense, even as operating budgets are strained by rising fuel and labor costs. Companies often seek cost-efficiencies in the call center; delivering them means giving customers the quality of service they expect in a way that opt… more»
    • Child Advocacy
      Digital Recording of Child Forensic Interviews is found to enhance the ability of prosecutors to file appropriate charges. The ability to see the demeanor and facial expression of the child is helpful in obtaining timely prosecutions. iRecord is a Digital Video Recording and Management System for interview rooms, and provides a powerful tool for child advocacy centers. iRecord is a simple and secure one-touch interview recording sy… more»
  • Solutions
    For dictation software, voice logging systems, video surveillance recording, speech recognition software, computer-assisted coding, interview and conference recording, or courtroom recording, Voice Products is the premier provider to have on your team. We at Voice Products are committed to finding a solution to meet the specialized needs of your organization.  Contact our Sales staff today to find out more of what we … more»
    • Fusion Suite Overview
      Fusion Advantage in Healthcare Dolbey has created Fusion Suite™, an enterprise-wide group of products specifically designed to alleviate today’s healthcare IT headaches. This fully integrated solution includes innovative software and hardware for your dictation, medical transcription and speech recognition needs. Fusion Suite provides specialized workflow between dictation, transcription and speech recognition while also l… more»
      • Fusion Voice
        Dictation Management Software for Healthcare With the emphasis on the electronic health record (EHR/EMR), many are challenged with documenting the patient story with point-n-click boxes. It is estimated that 60% of all patient documentation is still performed by dictation and transcription. If you understand the important role of dictation, you understand the importance of the dictation system in healthcare. You need reliability and your… more»
        • DocAssist - ICD-10 Documentation Guides
          ICD-10 Documentation Guides The implementation of ICD-10 is a big challenge. A successful strategy for a revenue-neutral transition will require a plan including multiple solutions. DocAssist™ can be one of those solutions. Designed specifically for the purpose of closing the gap between how physicians document procedures and the ICD-10 PCS coding requirements. The ICD-10 Epicenter Despite the rapid adoption of the electronic hea… more»
        • EQL - Extended Query Link for Coding
          With the challenge of ICD-10 on the horizon, now is the time to tune-up the query process ahead of the certain and expected increase in need for clarity from documentation. Extended Query Link™ (EQL™) connects the Fusion Voice® dictation system with the Fusion CAC™ computer-assisted coding system as adjunct to your entire query process. Closing the Query Loop When coding or documentation improvement staff need more… more»
      • Fusion Text
        Complete Corporate Text Management Highly productive, customizable and completely integrated; these are crucial components essential for every healthcare document management system. Dolbey medical transcription software is recognized as the industry leader for features and customer satisfaction. Extend in-house functionality to remote workers with ease while maintaining control. Manage reports from dictation to signature, distributi… more»
      • Fusion CAC (Computer-Assisted Coding)
        Countdown to ICD-10: The Coming ICD-10 Crisis The business of medical coding is facing regulatory changes in ICD-10 that require a major restructuring of systems, policies, job descriptions and workflow.  The transition, as experienced elsewhere, poses the potential for massive productivity losses and an increase in denials which will negatively impact revenue. The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) has ident… more»
      • Fusion Speech
        Integrated Speech Recognition Speech recognition is the most significant technology development in the dictation and transcription industries. Without physician training, or changes in practice patterns, Fusion Speech® powered by Nuance’s SpeechMagic™ harnesses this powerful technology for facility-wide deployment in nearly every medical specialty. Capture dictation with Fusion Voice®, process the dictation through Fu… more»
      • Fusion Expert Front-End Speech Recognition
        Front-End Speech Recognition Software Dolbey’s Fusion Suite™ completes the circle of transcription and dictation products with Fusion Expert® powered by Nuance’s SpeechMagic™ for front-end speech recognition. Employ the power of this industry leading technology to maintain the cost and efficiency of your department. Faster turnaround time on report creation and signature Recognize the benefits of lower tra… more»
      • Fusion Expert with CAC (Computer-Assisted Coding
        Speech Recognition and Computer-Assisted Coding Dolbey’s Fusion Suite™ offers two great solutions that are now completely integrated for a complete reporting and coding solution for Radiology. Consider the time and cost that can be saved when physicians can rely on speech recognition to accurately complete all of their reports. Now consider that real-time reports are instantly coded for both facility and professional fee bill… more»
      • Fusion SpeechEMR
        Power your EMR with Speech Recognition Fusion SpeechEMR™ offers physicians the ability to utilize speech recognition within any EMR or third party application. The new feature of Fusion Expert® allows a physician to use speech recognition with recognized text inserted into almost any free form text area without the need of specialized integration to the third party application. By integrating Fusion SpeechEMR into Fusion Expert… more»
      • Fusion Atom Workgroup
        Harness this workflow solution to automate your tasks from dictation to transcription. While working smarter, you will save valuable time to gain the edge you need to excel in your field. In law offices, medical facilities, or anywhere dictation is essential to communicate, the Atom Dictation™ system provides easy-to-use applications that are flexible and customizable to your needs. Use your existing network, the Internet and your P… more»
      • Philips Portable Solutions
        Philips Digital Pocket Memo Superior recording with 3D Mic technology   The 8000 series Pocket Memo dictation recorder takes dictation to a new level.  Breakthough 3D Mic technology delivers best audio quality in any recording situation.  Its robust yet lightweight stainless steel design offers perfect ergonomics for working over longer periods of time.   3D Mic system for best audio quality and accurate s… more»
      • Philips SpeechMikes
        SpeechMike Air For people who do not compromise, SpeechMike Air presents the perfection of the world’s number one dictation microphone. The highly professional PC microphone takes desktop dictation to a new level, no longer restraining you by a cord. The SpeechMike Air delivers excellent speech recognition capabilities and refined ergonomics for convenient operation. There is no need to settle for less than the premium device &ndas… more»
    • Philips Dictation Solutions
      Streamline Your Workflow With a Custom Digital Dictation Solution from Philips Philips dictation solutions support every dictation scenario. This is the key to letting you work the way you want - and to providing an individual solution for your needs. Philips SpeechExec Pro is designed for the requirements of professional digital dictation and transcription users, streamlining communication between author and transcriptionist. Philip… more»
      • Philips SpeechExec Enterprise
        Philips SpeechExec Enterprise Philips tailor-made digital dictation solutions streamline your workflow.  Our solutions support every dictation scenario.  This is the key to letting you work the way you want - and to providing individual solutions to the diverse requirements that are typical in enterprise-wide workflows. Philips SpeechExec Enterprise 4.1, released July 2012, features advanced administration tools for easy and c… more»
      • Philips SpeechExec Pro
        Philips SpeechExec Software Solutions Optimize your workflow with professional digital dictation SpeechExec software solutions from Philips let you decide for yourself how you want to work.  Use our latest technologies to your advantage and work easily and intuitively.  Take the pressure off your team by speeding up your document creation processes. All-in-one solution for efficient workflow management The SpeechExec Pro sof… more»
      • Philips Dictation Options
        Choose the Philips professional dictation solution that is right for you! The Pocket Memo dictation recorder takes dictation to a new level Breakthrough 3D Mic technology delivers best audio quality in any recording situation.  Its robust yet lightweight stainless steel design offers perfect ergonomics for working over longer periods of time.  Coupled with SpeechExec Pro software for efficient data management and a dockin… more»
    • NICE Voice Logging Systems
      Voice Products, Inc. is a platinum business partner of NICE Systems, offering enterprise voice logging system solutions which address the needs of customer-centric businesses with intent-based solutions. With the ever-growing volume of customer interactions and transactions, and proliferation of communication channels, companies have more contact with customers than ever before. It can be difficult to leverage the opportunities and mit… more»
      • NICE Public Safety Solutions
        NICE Inform The amount of multimedia information now available to public safety organizations is continuously increasing.  Audio, text, video (including body worn video), photos, GIS, CAD and other captured desktop screens, as well as data collected through PSIM systems can be crucial for investigation, evaluation and training.  It needs to be captured, reconstructed, organized and stored, and done so accurately, efficiently an… more»
      • NICE Enterprise Solutions
        Get the Most out of Your Customer Interactions       Did you know? By 2020, the customer will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human (Gartner Research). Customers use an average of 5.8 channels to interact with service providers (NICE Customer Survey). Only 7% of consumers say they are extremely satisfied with a seamless, integrated and consistent service across… more»
      • Nice Perform Interaction Management
        NICE Enterprise platform products deliver best-in-class capabilities for capturing interactions and transactions across all communication channels, analyzing them to discover valuable insights, and applying these insights for maximum business impact. NICE products help contact centers, banks, brokerage firms and back office operations comply with regulations, maximize workforce utilization and performance, enhance customer experience and … more»
      • Nice Inform Incident Information Management
        There are more sources of interactions and more types of multimedia  information than ever, all stored in separate systems, if kept at all.  How can you capture all of this multimedia information, piece it  together, analyze and use it, and use it to inform your organization?  Look no further than NICE Inform. NICE Inform® enables synchronous reconstruction of incidents across a spectrum of multimedia sources (voi… more»
      • Nice Record Express (NRX)
        NICE Recording eXpress (NRX) is a voice logging system that captures, manages and processes calls, for SMB Contact Centers, in stand-alone offices and across branch locations, all with one solution. With its intuitive configuration and administration, the voice logging system is easy to configure, and easy to use, delivering the functionality of enterprise systems, including PCI compliance and Quality Management (NICE Quality eXpress). NR… more»
      • NiceLog High Density Logger
        Record Multimedia Insights NiceLog® - Calls recorded using the NiceLog High  Density Logger (voice logging system) are recorded in segments, which may contain voice,  screen, or voice and screen sections, and can be located according to  the recording agent. While NiceLog Loggers store voice recordings,  NiceScreen Loggers store recorded screens. The NiceCLS Server stores  information about each call, such as… more»
      • Nice Perform Express (NPX)
        NICE Perform eXpress provides cost-effective liability recording, enabling companies and public safety agencies to comply with regulatory requirements while maintaining a low Total Cost of Ownership. It allows businesses to capture and manage customer interactions with a reliable, easy to maintain, all in one solution, which can be deployed on a COTS hardware in less than half a day Designed for Small and Medium Call Centers and Bra… more»
    • Video Surveillance Solutions
      Security conscious organizations come in all shapes and sizes.  Some span an entire nation such as railways and some are confined to a smaller area such as a national monument or educational institution. Regardless of their size, they require effective security solutions. Voice Products, Inc. offers video packages that allow you to cost-effectively secure your mission-critical infrastructure while delivering valuable operational ben… more»
      • NiceVision Net
        NiceVision For Security-Conscious Environments Voice Products, Inc. is a platinum business partner of NICE Systems, offering enterprise solutions which address the needs of customer-centric businesses with intent-based solutions. Versatile enough to fit any environment where effective security is essential, the latest advancements in NiceVision Net 2.5 maximize your video surveillance solution with an open, IT-friendly solution that… more»
      • Salient Systems CompleteView
        IP, Analog and Hybrid Video Surveillance Systems CompleteView™ is a comprehensive VMS solution available in three editions: ONE, Pro and Enterprise which supports IP, analog and hybrid systems.  Known for its ease of use, CompleteView provides a consistent user experience.  Each CompleteView edition includes all clients (Video, Alarm, Mapping and Web) and scales from entry level to enterprise installations. CompleteView… more»
    • Body Worn Camera Solutions
        VideoBadge Body Worn Cameras VB-100 Series The VB-100 is a body worn system styled as an ID card holder.  Its simple operation and wire-free design makes it extremely versatile and suitable for all types of users and applications.  Ideal for civil enforcement, bailiffs and lone workers where overt high-visibility of the full ID badge and deterrence is key. To begin recording with the VB-100, simply slide dow… more»
    • Courtroom Recording
      VIQ Solutions Inc. is a global leader in computer-based digital audio and video capture and management. VIQ Solutions develops software solutions that capture, digitize, and compress audio and video data, which is securely stored in a multi-tiered server system where it is easily searchable and shareable.  VIQ Solution's innovative media processor technology allows users to remotely control audio-video capture in multiple locations… more»
    • Interview Recording
      iRecord Digital Video Recording Systems iRecord is the first system of its kind to be designed from the ground up for the ERI (Electronic Recording of Interrogations) application, providing secure, high-quality, on-demand digital recording solutions for interview rooms. The iRecord system has been co-designed by a select group of detectives and law enforcement professionals (our customers) who have told us what THEY WANT in their UL… more»
      • iRecord Digital Video Recording System
        iRecord Digital Video Recording System Advantage: iRecord is the natural choice for interview rooms of all types that require a SIMPLE video and audio recording solution with very high quality and reliability. In addition to the "ONE TOUCH" recording controls that are simple and user-friendly, iRecord is designed to operate without disrupting established operating procedures. Once recorded, the digital media is stored on smaller, … more»
      • iRecord Evidence Vault Management Systems
        iRecord Evidence Vault Management System The iRecord Evidence Vault creates a secure central repository for all of your digital interview content. Do you still use log books or binders to keep track of your custodial interviews? Do you want better control of all items with chain of custody tracking and reporting that will tell you exactly what you have at any given time? Do you want a central repository to store all your interviews? … more»
      • iRecord Covert Interview Products
        More Effective Interviews with iRecord Covert Interview Enhancement Products Time saving and efficient tools to make your interviews more effective. Since iRecord has been designed from its inception as an OPEN and EXPANDABLE system, our users are assured that all iRecord products are 100 percent compatible with leading covert manufacturers. Many of our customers have successful implementations that include our "Remote Interrogator" pr… more»
      • iRecord Mobile Recording Suite
        Easier, Secure and More Flexible Recording • Wide range of mobile and fixed cameras for easy deployment. • True ONE TOUCH recording. • Covert wired or wireless briefing. • Remote real-time interview viewing. • "Electronic notes" indexing function. • Simultaneous recording to a DVD or external hard drive, satisfying "first evidence" requirements. • Tamper-proof watermarking. Convenient Playback and Arch… more»
    • Conference Recording
      The Philips 955 Conference Recording System allows you to provide multi-channel recording at an affordable price. This compact, easily transportable conference recording system can go anywhere your meeting convenes. The ability to mark important motions with a touch of a button during your meetings eliminates the need to search recordings.  The four microphones included with the system ensure you will always capture all the people … more»
    • Dragon Speech Recognition Software
      Dragon speech recognition software from Nuance makes it easier for anyone to use a computer. You speak and it types. Use speech to create and edit documents or emails, launch applications, open files, control your mouse, and more. Quickly and easily capture your thoughts and ideas while Dragon helps you get more done faster. Dragon Medical Edition Speech Recognition Software Dragon® Medical speech recognition software gives any pr… more»
      • Dragon Medical Edition
        Full-sized Speech Recognition Software for Small to Mid-sized Physician Practices Dragon® Medical speech recognition software gives any practice of less than 25 physicians a great dictation software experience at a price that meets the budget. The result? Higher quality, more efficient and profitable care, improved EHR adoption—and greater physician satisfaction. Using Dragon Medical speech recognition software, physicians dic… more»
      • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Edition
        Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Legal enterprise-ready speech recognition software is the ideal solution for attorneys and other legal professionals who want to work faster and smarter. It lets users dictate documents, send email, search the Web, and command and control their PCs — entirely by voice command. With Dragon Legal speech recognition software, you can reduce transcription costs, document turnaround time and dependency on su… more»
  • Purchasing Contracts
    Purchasing contracts help customers save both time and money because each agency's award contracts were competitively bid to meet state law and purchasing requirements.  In addition, the contracts have discounts already negotiated by the awarding agencies.  This means customers are no longer required to release a solicitation and go through the competitive bid process because all the work has already been done for them.  Be… more»
  • Webinars
    Upcoming Events:    Completed Events: Success with Speech Recognition for EMR July 19, 2017  12:00 PM - 12:30 PM Central   Fusion CAC/CDI Software Demo July 21, 2017  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Central   Best Practices:  Transitioning to Speech Recognition in Pathology August 2, 2017  12:00 PM - 12:30 PM Central    Best-Practices:  Transitioning to Speech Recognition in Patho… more»
  • Deputy Kunze
    Join us as we celebrate the life of Sheriff's Deputy Robert Kunze III who was killed in the line of duty on September 16, 2018 Sunday, October 14, 2018 Noon - 11pm Mort's Martini & Cigar Bar There will be food, drinks and live music.  All proceeds will go to the Kunze family.  Please see the flyer for more information. more»
  • Company
    Mission Statement Our mission at Voice Products is to always exceed customer expectations with an emphasis on total customer satisfaction. We will offer all our customers qualified personnel for sales, product training, timely service and software support as part of our continuing commitment to service. In all customer relations, Voice Products, Inc. will uphold the fundamental values of integrity, professionalism and responsib… more»
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    Corporate Headquarters8555 East 32nd Street N.Wichita, KS 67226 1-800-466-115224/7 access for Tech Support FAX 316-263-1823  E-mail Tech SupportDuring business hours - 8 AM to 5 PM CST  Internal Mail Access (Employees Only)  Company Directory Dean Tullis President and CEO dtullis@voiceproductsinc.com Stuart Peters Vice President and CFO speters@voiceproductsinc.com Colette Dry… more»
  • Support
    Call 1-800-466-1152 for 24/7 Technical Support Send email to support@voiceproductsinc.com during regular business hours (8 AM to 5 PM CST). 24/7 Support Customers are the core of our activity and Voice Products, Inc. believes that customer care is a long-term relationship. Voice Products, Inc. is a total solution provider. We provide sales, installation, training and service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. What that mean… more»