Salient Mapping Client

Through Salient's mapping client, security system operators can view camera locations and corresponding fields of view on an intuitive map based interface. Camera icons are overlaid on one or more imported map files (.JPG or.BMP) with configurable field-of-view cones. Operators gain an instant understanding of the current security situation and camera coverage area. Multiple maps can be hyperlinked allowing the operator to be presented with a campus overview map, where buildings can be clicked on to reveal specific building maps & camera locations.

• Imported map files (.JPG or .BMP)
• Unlimited hyperlinked maps
• Cameras from multiple CompleteView servers can be represented on the same map
• Live video on mouseover or click of a camera icon
• Field of view cones represent camera's area of coverage
• Field of view cones change color to indicate motion, recording or event
• Control Pan Tilt & Zoom cameras
• Instant situational awareness
• Zero training time


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