Public Safety

Voice Logging Systems

Serving the public sector has never been more difficult. Government agencies face a multitude of challenges. They must spend the public’s money wisely while fulfilling citizens’ expectations of service. New legislative mandates and changing demographics are also driving a technological transformation of public sector call centers. Investment in new technology, once seen as a luxury, is increasingly viewed as a way to optimize operational efficiency and provide customers the level of service they expect.

Client contact volumes are on the rise. With government spending under scrutiny, public sector call centers need to be able to handle this increase without the luxury of adding staff and in a way that results in a positive experience for constituents. Employees must respond to inquiries promptly and accurately to meet service expectations, while maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.

NICE is the market leader in public safety sectors, including some of the world's largest hospitals, airports, emergency services, transportation, correctional and military facilities among their customers.  Certified by Motorola, Harris, Cisco and Cassidian, among many others, this technology is the basis for multiple NICE patents with over 30,000 installation worldwide in the span of 10 years time.

The Nice Perform Express platform provides a cost effective, easy-to-install call recording solution.

Nice Inform replay and management system was handpicked by the APCO PSC Staff and named "Hot Products" by APCO Magazine.  Today's businesses need to sift through many diverse sources of information and multi-media for post-incident investigations.  Nice Inform makes this process easier by the fusion voice recordings, surveillance video and multimedia information from various sub-systems into a common application and interface.  Using Nice Inform reconstruction, recipients get a 360-degree incident view and timeline, with visibility into what people saw, heard and did.  Additionally, documentation and records, which used to be sent in paper form, can now be sent electronically, saving time, money, and filing space.

NiceLog High Density Logger utilizes a new PCI-based architecture, providing a future-proof, digital, multimedia recording platform with expanded capacity and a wide range of scalable recording solutions.

Digital Video Recording

iRecord is a simple and secure one-touch interview recording system that is based on open video standards and windows operating systems.  Since 2002 iRecord has been installed in over 2000 law enforcement interview rooms and over 300 child advocacy centers, as well as national FBI field offices, federal CID, and homeland security immigration and customs enforcement facilities.

Video Surveillance

NiceVision Net delivers complete, end-to-end IP video surveillance that captures, records, analyzes, investigates and visualizes. With an open platform that supports ONVIF standards, Net 2.5 provides you with maximum flexibility by seamlessly integrating with new and existing edge devices, as well as security management and access control systems.

Salient Systems is a leading provider of IP video surveillance software, video management systems with IP video servers, and hybrid CCTV software. From an entry level video server to configuring enterprise video management software, find out which Salient CompleteView edition is right for you.