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Philips SpeechExec Software Solutions

Optimize your workflow with professional digital dictation

SpeechExec software solutions from Philips let you decide for yourself how you want to work.  Use our latest technologies to your advantage and work easily and intuitively.  Take the pressure off your team by speeding up your document creation processes.

All-in-one solution for efficient workflow management

The SpeechExec Pro software organizes the workflow of dictation files and resulting documents between author and transcriptionist, and allows you to monitor the status of your work.

Philips SpeechExecPro

Real-time job status information for easy tracking of your work

SpeechExec provides clear information about the current status of your dictation jobs.  It lets you track your work and delivers real-time information, even if transcription is still pending or is already in progress.

Priority setting for getting urgent recording processed first

With the included priority-setting option, urgent recordings can be priortized.  This guarantees that important dictation files will be identified at a glance and get processed and delivered first.


Security features and backup for protecting sensitive data

File encryption and secure file transfer allow only authorized individuals to access your documents.  The optional automatic backup function protects your data against accidental loss.

Automatic updates and licensing via Web for keeping your software up to date

The automatic software update option and the state-of-the-art web-based licensing keep the SpeechExec Pro workflow software up-to-date at all times - without the hassle of having to check for a new version, download and install manually.

Geared for Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software

The seamless integration of Philips dictation recording devices and the direct interface to Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional speech recognition software guarantee superb audio quality, high recognition accuracy, and easy hardware administration.

Automatic file download via USB for quick transcription

When plugged in, the Digital Pocket Memo dictation recorder automatically downloads your audio files directly onto the Philips Digital Pocket Memocomputer.

The DSS Pro file format is the international standard for professional speech processing.  Offering outstanding audio quality for recorded voice, .dss files allow a high compression rate and reduce file size, network traffic, and required storage capacity.  The format also allows additional information, such as client/patient name or document type, to be stored in the file header, further facilitating file organization.

The perfect companion for the SpeechMike microphone

Philips SpeechMikePhilips SpeechExec Pro dictation software is the perfect companion for the SpeechMike dictation microphone.  Control all recording features intuitively with your thumb.



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