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Voice Products, Inc. is a platinum business partner of NICE Systems, offering enterprise solutions which address the needs of customer-centric businesses with intent-based solutions.

Versatile enough to fit any environment where effective security is essential, the latest advancements in NiceVision Net 2.5 maximize your video surveillance solution with an open, IT-friendly solution that delivers extreme performance. Offering the best TCO (total cost of ownership) and unsurpassed reliability, NiceVision Net 2.5 gives you smart video surveillance designed to work in and for your environment.

NiceVision Net 2.5 allows you to maximize video technology with an enterprise-class, open-platform IP-based system that provides continuous surveillance coverage and control for any size environment. As a complete, end-to-end IP video surveillance system, each component of NiceVision Net 2.5 is managed from the central NiceVision ControlCenter. It includes Smart Video Recorders (SVRs); advanced video analytics; 24x7 video capabilities; high-performance encoders and decoders; and feature-rich event management and control room visualization.

With up to 512 Mbps recorder throughput, NiceVision Net 2.5 provides a fully scalable network video recording and management solution that can grow from a few cameras in one location to hundreds or thousands over multiple sites — even for megapixel camera deployments. The solution’s open architecture and ONVIF support enables easy integration with third-party devices.

NiceVision Net 2.5 provides you with investment protection and a smooth migration path from analog to IP/digital technologies, with a unique hybrid offering that improves your analog camera performance and saves you money at the same time!

Future-ready and backward-compatible, NiceVision Net Product Packages can easily expand as your capacity and capability needs grow, providing a seamless upgrade path and protecting your investment. They also feature a user-friendly, unified management application with advanced event management capabilities.

NiceVision Enterprise

Designed for large-scale deployments, the NiceVision Enterprise solution is ideal for environments such as airports, railways (freight and passenger) and city centers. Allowing for an unlimited number of cameras and users, the Enterprise solution is both future-ready and scalable. Supporting all of NiceVision’s state-of-the-art value-added features including field-proven video analytics, provides you with a highly effective and robust security solution.

NiceVision Enterprise's main features include:

•Ideal for large-scale, multi-site deployments
•Support for an unlimited number of cameras and users
•Optional features such as: ◦ Advanced resilience features
 ◦ Field-proven video analytics
 ◦ Site redundancy
 ◦ Active Directory integration
•Advanced features included in channel price as a standard: ◦ Video Parameter Optimizer (VPO)
 ◦ Camera Tampering (CT)
 ◦ Direct Streamlining and Multicast

NiceVision Professional

This recording and management solution has been tailored for mid-sized deployments. Organizations such as mass transit and critical-services facilities such as power plants and commercial compounds will be well served by NiceVision Professional. Upgrading or expanding the NiceVision Professional package is a seamless process as the entire system has been designed to be easily expandable.

NiceVision Professional's main features include:

•Multi-server solution
•Support for up to 200 cameras and 20 users
•Multiple recording sites
•Centralized and localized monitoring
•Optional advanced features such as: ◦ Video Parameter Optimizer (VPO)
 ◦ Camera Tampering (CT)
 ◦ Direct Streamlining
 ◦ Multicast

NiceVision eXpress

NiceVision eXpress is our smallest recording and management solution and is optimized for smaller sites. Perfect for pilot projects and customers such as corporate and retail facilities, educational institutions and banks, NiceVision eXpress is an enterprise-class solution for the small-scale facility or installation. Future ready and completely scalable, the NiceVision eXpress package is easily upgraded at any time. NiceVision eXpress is the first step towards expanding your IP video surveillance platform.

NiceVision eXpress' main features include:

•Support for up to 64 cameras and 4 users
•Single-server solution
•Integration-ready (1 SDK license included)
•Availability in bundles of: 16/32/48/64 channels


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