NiceLog High Density Logger

Record Multimedia Insights

NiceLog® - Calls recorded using the NiceLog High  Density Logger (voice logging system) are recorded in segments, which may contain voice,  screen, or voice and screen sections, and can be located according to  the recording agent. While NiceLog Loggers store voice recordings,  NiceScreen Loggers store recorded screens. The NiceCLS Server stores  information about each call, such as start time, stop time, location of  the recording and can access complete calls in addition to segments.  NiceLog is available for a range of environments, including VoIP.

NiceLog® High Density Logger utilizes a new PCI-based  architecture, providing a future-proof, digital, multimedia recording  platform with expanded capacity and a wide range of scalable recording  solutions. NiceLog supports virtually all telephony interfaces including  analog, digital, E1/T1, BT Megalink SCSA and VoIP, with the voice  capture method employed being transparent to the user. NiceLog® VoIP  supports H.323, the most widely deployed VoIP gateway, as well as other  VoIP industry standards.