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The amount of multimedia information now available to public safety organizations is continuously increasing.  Audio, text, video (including body worn video), photos, GIS, CAD and other captured desktop screens, as well as data collected through PSIM systems can be crucial for investigation, evaluation and training.  It needs to be captured, reconstructed, organized and stored, and done so accurately, efficiently and securely.

NICE Inform fuses different types of multimedia information, including those from external sources, to a common application and interface.  Uniquely, the solution allows third-party voice and video recordings to be imported into NICE Inform Organizer, and then synchronized with all incident-related video, voice recordings and other multimedia.  This provides structure to otherwise unstructured multimedia, seamlessly combining the data for a complete, authentic, chronological audio/visual time and 360 degree view.



NICE Recording eXpress (NRX) was specifically designed to meet the needs of the Public Safety environment.  The solution is an easy-to-deploy, feature-rich audio recording platform that addresses the rigors and requirements of your communication center.  It captures all forms of audio--VoIP, analog and digital telephony--a critical necessity.  With support for a wide range of PBX platforms, extensions and IP switches, the NRX lets you cost-effectively transition into tomorrow's PSAP today.  And when combined with the NICE Inform application suite, your PSAP will have a complete NG9-1-1 solution.


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