Nice Inform Incident Information Management Solution

Nice InformThere are more sources of interactions and more types of multimedia  information than ever, all stored in separate systems, if kept at all.  How can you capture all of this multimedia information, piece it  together, analyze and use it, and use it to inform your organization?  Look no further than NICE Inform.

NICE Inform® enables synchronous reconstruction of incidents across a spectrum of multimedia sources (voice, video, GIS and more), and facilitates secure/traceable sharing of multimedia information for enhanced interoperability, efficiency and insight.

The first and only solution of its kind, NICE Inform breaks through  the interoperability barrier to capture the full spectrum of multimedia  interactions. Leveraging NICE's market-leading voice and video capture  platforms – NiceLog® and NiceVision® – NICE Inform captures and  consolidates many different types of multimedia information, including  voice (telephony, radio, VoIP), video, GIS information, call-taker CAD screens, crime scene photos, incident reports, emails, faxes,  mug shots and more. NICE Inform streamlines investigations and incident  reconstructions. There is no need to go to separate data sources to get  the information needed. Simply enter a time and date or other search  parameters into NICE Inform, and instantly retrieve complete multimedia  information for investigations, debriefings, and incident  reconstructions. Only NICE Inform can deliver this complete  chronological visual and audible history of an incident in one place.  With NICE Inform, you can put all of your investigative resources and  senses to work to instantly solve the case.


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