Law Enforcement

Voice Logging Systems

If you’re a police chief, you know the most important thing your personnel need to respond to incidents is relevant, real-time information about what’s happening, where and when. The second most important thing they need to know is what actions to take based on the situation. The problem is – much of this information they use today resides in silos, making it difficult to “connect the dots” in any real-time way.  NICE applications provide an answer.

The Nice Perform Express platform provides a cost effective, easy-to-install call recording solution.

Nice Inform replay and management system was handpicked by the APCO PSC Staff and named "Hot Products" by APCO Magazine.  Today's businesses need to sift through many diverse sources of information and multi-media for post-incident investigations.  Nice Inform makes this process easier by the fusion voice recordings, surveillance video and multimedia information from various sub-systems into a common application and interface.  Using Nice Inform reconstruction, recipients get a 360-degree incident view and timeline, with visibility into what people saw, heard and did.  Additionally, documentation and records, which used to be sent in paper form, can now be sent electronically, saving time, money, and filing space.

NiceLog High Density Logger utilizes a new PCI-based architecture, providing a future-proof, digital, multimedia recording platform with expanded capacity and a wide range of scalable recording solutions.

Video Surveillance

NiceVision Net delivers complete, end-to-end IP video surveillance that captures, records, analyzes, investigates and visualizes. With an open platform that supports ONVIF standards, Net 2.5 provides you with maximum flexibility by seamlessly integrating with new and existing edge devices, as well as security management and access control systems.

Salient Systems is a leading provider of IP video surveillance software, video management systems with IP video servers, and hybrid CCTV software. From an entry level video server to configuring enterprise video management software, find out which Salient CompleteView edition is right for you.

Digital Video Recording

Co-designed by a select group of detectives and law enforcement professionals, iRecord is the first ever digital audio and video recording system of its kind used to conduct electronic recording of interview.  iRecord is "purposeful" technology because it helps public safety organizations cost-effectively increase efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity - helping them better server and protect.