iRecord Mobile Recording Suite

Easier, Secure and More Flexible Recording

iRecord Mobile• Wide range of mobile and fixed cameras for easy deployment.
• True ONE TOUCH recording.
• Covert wired or wireless briefing.
• Remote real-time interview viewing.
• "Electronic notes" indexing function.
• Simultaneous recording to a DVD or external hard drive, satisfying "first evidence" requirements.
• Tamper-proof watermarking.

Convenient Playback and Archiving

• Simple, secure Evidence Vault storage technology simplifies file search and storage.
• Exported DVDs and CDs are playable on consumer players or Windows computers
• Free, feature-rich iRecord Player operates without proprietary CODECs.
• Unique DVD spanning technology creates multiple-disc sets for longer interviews.

Feature-Rich, Highly Mobile Interview Recording

• Off-Site Interviews
• Drug Interdiction (In-Car-Interviews)
• Crime Scene Investigation
• Insurance Fraud Investigation
• Accident Investigation
• Depositions
• Key Witness Interviews


iRecord Mobile Brochure

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