Consumers have many choices when looking for a company to insure their health, homes, automobiles and other valuables.

As competition grows among insurance providers, providing existing policyholders a satisfying customer experience is critical. Ensure their continued business and long-term growth by fully understanding what they expect from your company and make sure your employees consistently deliver on those expectations.

Regulatory non-compliance and fraud are two of insurance companies’ biggest risks. As a result, insurance call centers must effectively monitor customer transactions and interactions to ensure compliance, pass audits and resolve possible allegations of inappropriate actions. Recording customer contacts also helps to ensure employees’ compliance with processes and procedures and uncover fraud from internal as well as external sources.

Improve Customer Retention, Increase Operational Efficiency and Boost Revenues

Driven by real-time cross-channel analytics, Voice Products, Inc. provides solutions for increasing revenue, enhancing customer experience, improving regulatory compliance, and optimizing contact center and back office operations.

NICE Perform includes a complete set of Web-based tools to extract, process, analyze and effectively visualize information from customer interactions on a large scale.

The Nice Perform Express platform provides a cost effective, easy-to-install call recording solution.

From the largest Fortune 100 companies to the small branch office, our enterprise solutions are implemented by contact centers of all sizes.