Fusion Suite™ from Dolbey is a complete line of software and hardware solutions, for the first time written by one company to address a seamless integration from dictation, document management, both front and back-end speech recognition software, and computer-assisted coding software.  This integration allows capabilities never before possible.  With more sales and service personnel and locations throughout the U.S., rest assured your investment in the Fusion product line will be protected for many years to come.

Fusion Voice® is the most comprehensive dictation software today.  It offers VoIP and analog dictation systems and solutions with concurrent licensing for networked authors, transcriptionists and department managers, and dictation tools such as iPhone, BlackBerry, smart phone and more.

Fusion Text®, rated number one for three years in a row by MD Buyline, is the most comprehensive and cost-effective HIPAA ready medical transcription software technology.  It features electronic document distribution, document management, speech recognition, extensive reporting, and more.

Fusion Expert® front-end speech recognition allows you to speak words and watch them appear automatically, already punctuated and formatted on the computer screen in front of you.  With Fusion SpeechEMR™, this can be used in any hospital system or EMR requiring no integration...just drop the cursor where you want words to appear. Fusion Speech® back-end speech recognition allows you to dictate with a telephone, iPhone, Blackberry, speechmike, or digital portable with no changes in behavior for the user. Speech recognition takes place in the background, transparent to the author, and presents the document ready for correction to a transcriptionist.

Fusion CAC™ is the leading computer-assisted coding software in the industry using NLP (Natural Language Processing).  This allows the software to read and understand the context in the medical record, highlighting diagnosis and procedures and suggesting codes to the coder to verify.  This same technology will also help in audits, allowing you to easily track how the chart was coded from history and physical to the discharge report, while automatically data mining important information to government agencies and others.  This technology will help your organization with your transition to ICD-10.

With the most innovative dictation, transcription, speech recognition, coding, and management tools available, these ground-breaking products make Fusion Suite the ONE solution you need today, by utilizing the technology of tomorrow.