Fusion Sort and Batch

Automated Document Sorting and Delivery

Software Printing, Bursting and Sorting

The effort in printing, separating copies, sorting and distributing can be labor intensive. Where real-time printing is always available, the Fusion Sort option for Fusion Text® eliminates the need for manual intervention in your report processing.

Batch Printing Configuration

Use site, department, and report types to determine what report copies are included in a batch printing rule. Further define the batch printing scheme to determine the print order to match distribution efforts. The result is a software option that saves countless hours in printing paper copies of every document type with near endless capability.

Auto Scheduler

With the aid of the Auto Scheduler feature you can identify your batches that will print to a specific printer at a specific time. Batches can be scheduled to run once or to repeat continuously on your schedule eliminating the need for clerical attention to printing preferences.

Report and Account Tracking

Every print job, real-time or batch, is tracked by the exclusive Output Manager. All printing history is detailed here and can be searched upon to result in a clear report detailing every report destination. Printer jams or other printing problems are quickly cured. Simply select the failed print job or batch print schedule and resending with a few clicks to regenerate complex report printing.


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