Fusion Remote

Transcription Management for Off-Site Transcribers

Securely Equip Remote Staff

The needs of remote transcription staff are expertly met with the Fusion Remote option for Fusion Text®. This component matches the in-house tools and features for remotely connected staff by phone line, ISDN or broadband. If you don’t have a VPN, STAT Remote provides the tools to keep off-network staff productive.

On-Line Broadband and High Speed

The on-line configuration captures the advantages of high speed data lines to replicate on-network functionality. Report formats, ADT demographics, speed typing, physician databases, report search and all other features are fully functionally and available.

Off-Line Narrow-Band

A remote transcriptionist who does not have the advantage of a high speed can still work with all of the features of an on-network or high speed remote worker. Software configuration moves certain processing tasks to their local workstation to even allow off-line or disconnected transcription with periodic and simplified dial-up and transmit capability.

Physician Focus

The demands upon your healthcare providers are high and our solutions accommodate their needs with precision. Physician Profile logs, tracks and compiles physician specific data and preferences.

Safe and Secure

Remote workers are effective while your data is not compromised with these carefully designed applications. Encrypted authentication and careful placement of patient demographics in the system are just a couple of the highlights of this safe-to-implement remote solution.


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