Fusion Player™

PC Transcribing Application

Fusion Player™ turns a multimedia PC into a "digital transcribe station" with the addition of a headset, foot pedal, and specialized Fusion software.

Encrypted, Delivered, Managed

Fusion Player utilizes 128 bit, private key Encryption when delivering files to and from your transcriptionist. Sensitive patient and/or legal information is safeguarded automatically and without any transcriptionist interaction. Tracking is also a critical component of your application – so all events within the software are automatically managed and audited.

Flexible Work Modalities

Fusion Player is economical for basic use but powerful for the demanding user. It can be used interactively with the addition of a Server license, or as a standalone player where work is fed to the transcriptionist by a system supervisor. Either way, Fusion Player eliminates port and station costs and replaces phone charges with a Web or network connection.

Easy to Use

Fusion PlayerThere are no proprietary hardware components used with Fusion Player - it comes with a standard PC headset and USB or Serial Foot Pedal. Once configured, a transcriptionist simply logs in and receives work – or can request specific work – all based on privileges controlled by the system supervisor.


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