Fusion Fax

Automated Fax Processing for Rapid Document Distribution

Deliver Reports with Automatic Faxing

With the Fusion Fax option for Fusion Text® you can deliver facsimile copies of reports when and where you need them. Reduce the time, cost and equipment required to print while providing the advantage of near instant document distribution. STAT Fax is available for new implementations or add it to any existing system.

Automated or On-Demand

Use site, department, report type and even provider preferences to create automated faxing rules. Detailed rules accommodate multiple fax destinations by day of the week for recipients. Transcriptionists remain focused upon report creation without attending to faxing or waiting for results. Authorized users can fax on-demand current or archived documents.

Tracked and Audited

Every fax job is queued, monitored and logged. Our exclusive Output Manager will detail the document, the copy, the sender, the recipient and date/stamps and status of the fax job. Failed fax events can alert a system operator for immediate attention.

Dynamic and Seamless

Combine Fusion Fax with the Fusion Sort option to deliver unparalleled flexibility in fax delivery. Real-time faxing is enhanced with time-released fax events that batch all fax copies, pre-sorted in one convenient transmission.


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