Fusion Expert with Computer-Assisted Coding

Speech Recognition and Computer-Assisted CodingBest in KLAS 4 Years in a Row

Dolbey’s Fusion Suite™ offers two great solutions that are now completely integrated for a complete reporting and coding solution for Radiology. Consider the time and cost that can be saved when physicians can rely on speech recognition to accurately complete all of their reports. Now consider that real-time reports are instantly coded for both facility and professional fee billing. That is Fusion Expert computer-assisted coding (CAC).

Fusion Expert with CACOnce and Done Reporting

Fusion Expert®, powered by Nuance’s SpeechMagic™ provides world-class speech recognition software for Radiology. On day one, physicians achieve high speech accuracy and require only a few minutes of training. Fusion Expert provides once-and-done instant results reporting while reducing or eliminating transcription costs.

  • Speed results to referring physicians with integrated auto-faxing, printing or secure email delivery.
  • Streamline workflow with PACs and RIS integration reducing button pushes and increasing accuracy.

Instant Document Coding

Fusion Expert now offers Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that automatically suggests the medial codes. Dolbey’s Fusion CAC™ solution codes both inpatient and outpatient charts for entire hospitals. Fusion Expert with computer-assisted coding will analyze reports and suggest ICD-9 and CPT procedure codes as well as ICD-9 diagnosis codes. Suggested codes can be verified by the dictating physician or by coding staff for final processing to billing.

Save Time and Money

The accuracy of Fusion Expert’s speech recognition engine reduces the time to final result while saving transcription costs. The accuracy of computer-assisted coding can increase the productivity of human coders by as much as 40%. The instant coding of computer-assisted coding gives physicians a first glance at the coded result which can alert them to problem documentation before it leaves their desk.

Coding Automation

The results of the computer-assisted coding is so highly accurate, you can elect to have certain exam types bypass human coding and go straight to billing.  This process, Coding Automation, is solely determined by you and can be easily managed.   “With Fusion CAC, we have been able to automate over 54% of our radiology coding, saving time and improving our accounts receivables.” – Christel Chuderewicz, Coding Manager, Certified IDC-10 Trainer, Butler Health System.

Prepare for ICD-10 Today

The deadline for ICD-10 is fast approaching. The new coding requirements for ICD-10PCS call for far more documentation than physicians currently provide.  Fusion Expert with computer-assisted coding is ICD-10 ready.  Begin today to build the relationship between documentation and coding to better prepare your facility for the change.


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