Fusion Billing

Billing and Payroll Automation With Report and Financial Tracking

Billing and Payroll Automation

If you either bill for report production or pay your transcriptionists by production you will want the automated ease and flexibility of the Fusion Billing option for the Fusion Text® transcription platform. This feature adds the calculations and management reports that supervisors require to track and report on these transaction based financial responsibilities.

Automated Payroll Detail

Configure your payroll calculations once to provide quick and easy generation of accurate billing reports at a glance. You no longer need to count lines manually to pay staff. You can now generate payroll production by account, transcriptionist, group, and even individual reports in minutes for weeks and months worth of work.

Production Billing Assistance

With the same ease as payroll, you can configure and track the billing or charge back to paying customers. Use your line count meters to accommodate multiple billing formulas in one system.

Report and Financial Tracking

Fusion Billing adds an array of payroll and billing related reports for flexible output. Specify the information, the times and dates and even add graphs or report demographics for expert details. Print your payroll or billing reports or select one of many output filters to export the report detail to third-party software applications like email, MS/Excel, MS/Word, or any number of database formats.


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