EQL - Extended Query Link for Coding

With the challenge of ICD-10 on the horizon, now is the time to tune-up the query process ahead of the certain and expected increase in need for clarity from documentation. Extended Query Link™ (EQL™) connects the Fusion Voice® dictation system with the Fusion CAC™ computer-assisted coding system as adjunct to your entire query process.

EQLClosing the Query Loop

When coding or documentation improvement staff need more details from a physician, they generate a query. For most, the query process involves manual, paper-based procedures that require manual management. Combining the rich query tools in Fusion CAC with EQL brings the query process right to where the physician works. You can find the physician faster, get their attention easier, answer the query quicker and solve the problem before it is too late. A fast and easy solution is a better solution.

By utilizing Fusion CAC with Fusion Voice, your dictators know when you need their attention. Upon log-in to the dictation, they are informed of questions for clarification and can provide quick resolution. They are given the choice of typing their response or dictating their response. This flexibility increases the chances of getting the information you need.

Easy Global Management

The EQL option of Fusion Voice ties the queries generated in Fusion CAC from both CDI and coding to the dictation application of your physicians’ choice. Regardless of how they dictate, either by telephone or PC, they receive your query message upon log-in.

Since EQL is globally managed from one solution, you don’t have to predict how the dictator prefers to meet you. Instead, the system meets them. Upon log-in, whether from a telephone or a PC, the EQL provides the query and links their answer to CDI or coding.

Adapt to Their Work for Quicker Success

Regardless of how your dictator chooses to document, EQL finds them and provides the questions. In a mode which is easy for the dictator to respond, they can quickly answer your question to provide clearer and more accurate documentation.

Telephone- Physicians who dictate by telephone receive an audible announcement of the existence of a query and are directed to the appropriate application to answer it. From a secure web login, the physician will find a query ‘inbox’ with all the tools they need to respond.

Computer- Whether using speech recognition or PC-based dictation, the dictator is alerted upon login of the existence of outstanding queries. The physician is given the opportunity to answer the outstanding query while reviewing the documentation that gave rise to the questions.

A Smarter Query Solution

Fusion CAC not only offers the advantages of computer-assisted coding productivity and quality, this platform provides more tools for the query process. Create queries using a unique template designer and provide them universally to your coding staff.

Track and manage the entire query process. Fusion CAC will alert your staff when queries have been answered and will reactivate any charts which are on hold awaiting answers. The management dashboard reports on the number of outstanding queries you have and those that have been answered. Management reports can detail the physicians who are queried the most and the timeliness and completeness of their answers.

By closing the loop between dictation and coding, whether final discharge coding or CDI case management, you have a better chance of gaining the information you need to accurately code and bill a patient chart. EQL is a smart solution to prepare for ICD-10.


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