Dragon Medical Edition Speech Recognition Software

Full-sized Speech Recognition Software for Small to Mid-sized Physician Practices

Dragon® Medical speech recognition software gives any practice of less than 25 physicians a great dictation software experience at a price that meets the budget. The result? Higher quality, more efficient and profitable care, improved EHR adoption—and greater physician satisfaction.

Using Dragon Medical speech recognition software, physicians dictate in "real-time" into their EHR system in their own words, which allows them to review, sign, and make their notes available for other clinicians instantly. Today, Dragon Medical helps tens of thousands of physician practices.

  • Maximize practice efficiency
  • Deliver higher quality care
  • Decrease cost, increase profitability

Key Features of Dragon Medical Speech Recognition Software

  • More accurate than ever - In clinical settings, Dragon Medical 10.1 is 20% more accurate than Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 9—and over 38% more accurate than Dragon Professional 10.
  • EHR support - Navigate and dictate into any small practice EHR to document history of present illness, review of systems, assessment and plan.
  • Medical vocabularies - With nearly 80 specialties and subspecialties, physicians can dictate quickly and confidently in their specialty’s vocabulary.
  • Support for HIPAA guidelines - Helps protect patient confidentiality.
  • Hidden Mode - Dictate anywhere in the EHR, eliminating navigation between EHR screens and notes windows.
  • Voice shortcuts for medical web search (Version 10.1) - Physicians can search medical data via a single voice command on WebMD®, UpToDate®, PubMed™ and ICD-9.
  • Dragon Medical Template Library (Version 10/1) - Dragon Medical 10.1 comes with a library of over two dozen macros for many visit types and an extensive list of “medical normals” by body system.
  • Medical formatting rules - Dragon Medical expands abbreviations and follows capitalization rules
  • PowerMic II™ Ready - Program buttons to run any function or user voice command.
  • MyCommands - Personal voice commands appear in Command browser for faster use.