Child Advocacy

iRecord for CACDigital Recording of Child Forensic Interviews is found to enhance the ability of prosecutors to file appropriate charges. The ability to see the demeanor and facial expression of the child is helpful in obtaining timely prosecutions.

iRecord is a Digital Video Recording and Management System for interview rooms, and provides a powerful tool for child advocacy centers.

iRecord is a simple and secure one-touch interview recording system that is based on open video standards and windows operating systems.  Since 2002 iRecord has been installed in over 2000 law enforcement interview rooms and over 300 child advocacy centers, as well as national FBI field offices, federal CID, and homeland security immigration and customs enforcement facilities.

At Voice Products, Inc., we're not only the exclusive reseller of iRecord in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas - we also have highly skilled and certified technicians capable of providing the service and support needed to run a mission-critical recording application such as iRecord.