Voice Products, Inc. DIR Contract Number DIR-TSO-3438 (iRecord, NICE Public Safety, NICE Enterprise)


Corporate Headquarters:
8555 E 32nd St N
Wichita, KS 67226

Phone: (316) 616-1111 or (800) 466-1152
Fax: (316) 263-1823
Email: Sales@voiceproducts.com

iRecord Digital Recording:

Co-designed by a select group of detectives and law enforcement professionals, iRecord is the first ever digital audio and video recording system of its kind used to conduct electronic recording of interview. iRecord is "purposeful" technology because it helps public safety organizations cost-effectively increase efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity - helping them better serve and protect.

NICE Public Safety:

Digitization has paved the way for widespread adoption of mobile phones, and later, smart phones.  Citizens are reporting incidents anytime, anywhere - sending photos, videos and texts from their smart phones.

Next Generation 911 and FirstNet will accelerate this trend by accepting information directly from smart devices as well as people.  And new technology will continue to enhance and complicate emergency communications.

All these interactions need to be captured, managed, synchronized and put into context to understand and evaluate the decisions and actions of emergency communications centers and first responders.

NICE Inform is a comprehensive solution that runs over traditional and IP-based networks, captures the multi-channel interactions between citizens, emergency centers and first responders, and provides the applications that help manage, synchronize and put incidents into context.

NICE Enterprise:

With the introduction of the advanced, real-time technologies, the time has come for organizations to combine the speed of the digital world with the expertise and human touch of its service reps.  NOW is the time to turn your contact center into a real-time engagement center.

NICE's new, state-of-the-art recording--NICE Advanced Interaction Recorder (AIR), part of the NICE Engage Platform--delivers the industry's first real-time streaming solution.  It enables the NOW customer experience with breakthrough, high-scale recording and a lower Total Cost of Ownership.


Voice Products Inc. provides training in use of the products to your personnel at the time of initial deployment of the service. Training materials are provided. Training consists of a combination of lecture/demonstration to learn the functionality of Voice Products Inc. followed by participation in mock scenarios to get hands on experience.

Let's Get Together...
To place purchase orders, contact Colette Dryden or Stuart Peters at 800-466-1152 or direct inquiries to Sales@voiceproducts.com
Contract Pricing: A list of our Texas DIR pricing discount schedule can be found here. (Note: new products are added regularly, please contact us if you do not see a specific product listed).
Buy Directly from Voice Products, Inc.:
  • Contact Voice Products, Inc. at 1-800-466-1152 to discuss your requirements and obtain complete product configuration and pricing information in a quote form.
  • Work directly with your product specialist/sales rep to ensure all your organization’s needs will be met now and allow for future growth.
  • Review and sign sales order and generate a signed purchase order to Voice Products, Inc.
    Fax (316-263-1823; ATTN: DIR Sales) or scan and email your signed sales order and purchase order to Sales@voiceproducts.com.
    Note: You must reference Voice Products DIR contract number (DIR-TSO-3438) on your purchase order.
  • Complete pre-installation site preparation guide (with assistance from technical personnel if needed).

About Purchasing off DIR Contract DIR-TSO-3438

All of DIR’s cooperative contracts for IT commodity and services have been competitively awarded and have met all of the State’s procurement requirements. Governmental entities simply contact Voice Products, Inc, request a quote and issue a purchase order directly to Voice Products, Inc. DIR has determined Voice Products, Inc. represents a “best value”. Buying DIR eliminates the needs for competitive bid.
Texas State statutes provide authority for local governments to purchase any IT commodity item included in a DIR contract without the need to issue an individual solicitation. Specifically, Section 2157.006 (b), Texas Government Code states that if a local government purchases an IT commodity or service from a DIR contract, the procurement satisfies any state law requiring the local government to seek competitive bids. In addition, Section 271.083(b), Local Government Code states that when a local government purchases an item under a state contract, it satisfies any state law requiring local governments to seek competitive bids for the purchase of the item.

Voice Products Inc. will fulfill the entire contract with our own resources.  It is Voice Products Inc.'s intention to supply complete turnkey recording systems inclusive of all hardware, software, and any and all accessories.  We will build, test, and install all systems as a complete turnkey solution.

Warranty and Maintenance Policy
  • All equipment on DIR sales comes with a one-year warranty for parts and labor.
  • Optional Service Agreements are available for additional years.
  • Voice Products, Inc maintains a stock of replacement parts and will be able to provide parts for the life of the equipment.
Return Policy
  • Same as Manufacturer; please contact Voice Products for additional information.

Contract Administration    
    Stuart Peters   speters@voiceproductsinc.com
Administrative Fees, Reporting, Billing and Accounting    
    Colette Dryden   cdryden@voiceproductsinc.com
iRecord Sales    
    Andrew DeBarbieris Louisiana, Texas adebar@voiceproductsinc.com
    Bob Farrell
Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma bfarrell@voiceproductsinc.com
    Russ Clark Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming rclark@voiceproductsinc.com
    Stuart Peters
Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska speters@voiceproductsinc.com
NICE Sales    
    Brett Johnson Public Safety - Louisiana, Texas
Enterprise - All Locations
    Pat Teschke Public Safety - Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma pteschke@voiceproductsinc.com
    Russ Clark Public Safety - Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming rclark@voiceproductsinc.com
    Stuart Peters NICE SMB Channel Manager - All Locations
Public Safety - Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska
Trade Show Coordinator    
    Ronda Riggle   rriggle@voiceproductsinc.com