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VIQ Solutions Inc. is a global leader in computer-based digital audio and video capture and management. VIQ specializes in digital recording solutions for courts, depositions, conferences and meetings. VIQ develops innovative software solutions that capture, digitize, and compress audio and video data, which is securely stored in a multi-tiered server system where it is easily searchable and shareable.

You can choose between software-only solutions that you install on your laptop to hardware/software systems. All of our solutions include built-in management utilities that allow you to easily create a CD or DVD to provide your courthouses a backup.

Court transcribers can play back audio and view log notes using the free, easy-to-use VIQ playback utility and a standard word processor. The playback utility also supports multiple channels of audio and foot-pedal control to ensure quick and efficient creation and accurate recording.

Continuum Suite

The Continuum suite is an ideal way to make the move to a digital audio and video recording system. With simple, analog-style recording controls, Continuum's customizable graphical user interface is intuitive and easy to master. With Continuum, operators can make synchronized text annotations, playback and/or monitor up to eight channels of audio, capture a single channel of video, and easily export audio and case information in a variety of formats for backup or remote use.

Continuum's sophisticated feature set includes the ability to export to WAV or Windows Media (WMA) format for playback in standard disk players or digital media playback software. Multimedia attachments like presentations, documents or pictures, instantly become a seamless part of the digital record. For security and privacy, Continuum allows you to seal cases, effectively restricting access to designated users, or mark portions of the audio as inadmissible.

Continuum is also compatible with VIQ's ICM Tool for integration with third-party case management systems (sold separately).

Key Features
  • Records up to eight channels of audio
  • Export to CDs/network locations for backup or storage
  • Capable of simultaneous video capture
  • Supports ASIO and wave-based USB 2.0 digital recording devices

Continuum comes in two different solutions to meet your needs, a software-only version for installation on laptops or PCs, and a all-in-one digital recording appliance with built-in 8-channel recording card/mixer.

Encompass RPC Suite

The Encompass Remote Processing Control ("RPC") Suite provides the ability to securely control multimedia recording in multiple rooms from any satellite location across the Internet, WAN or LAN.

Key Encompass RPC Features:
  • Control recording in multiple rooms from a single location
  • Pass recording and annotation control between users
  • Real-time synchronization for audio, video and data redundancy
  • New dockable interface with enhanced, easy to read annotation display
  • Remote mobile device integration
  • Multi-language and multi-data store support
  • Audio and video redaction capabilities

RecordIAB Suite

The RecordIAB Suite is VIQ's simple, standalone suite of recording solutions for users looking to replacing aging analog recorders or simply looking for a simple, easy to use digital recording solution. This suite includes RecordIAB SE (Software Edition), and the VIQ Shuttle DRA.


RecordIAB-SE is a software-only audio and video capture solution that can be installed on the tablet PC, laptop or desktop of your choice. The RecordIAB solution works with a range of audio and video devices.

Key Features:
  • Software-only audio and video solution
  • Installs on the laptop, desktop or tablet PC of your choice
  • Works with range of wave-based audio capture devices

VIQ Shuttle Digital Recording Appliance (DRA)

The VIQ Shuttle DRA recording console provides a complete digital audio and video recording solution. The DRA comes with built-in 8-channel audio mixer, video recording capability, two 160 GB hard drives and full networking capabilities for easy storage and backup. The compact, modular design allows the DRA to fit into any work environment.

Key Features:
  • Video capture capabilities
  • All-in-one hardware & software solution
  • Comes with 8-channel audio recording device
  • Shuttle DRA dimensions (LxWxH): 11.5 x 8 x 7.5"

VIQ Player

These playback utilities allow you to review testimony and court proceedings from your own personal computer along with any annotations you might have made as a private annotator. For the transcriptionist, the players transform an ordinary computer into a professional transcribe station, complete with USB foot pedal support and adjustable playback speed.

VIQ Backup

When losing audio is not an option. If a problem interrupts your CourtFLOW or Encompass Network connection, these utilities begin recording instantly, making sure no audio is lost. You won't have to waste time waiting for the connection to be restored or scrambling around to set up a backup recording system. When the network trouble is resolved, the backup utility easily transfers the recorded audio back onto your network.


MURF is a complete digital recording and transcription solution designed especially for legislatures. MURF can simultaneously record multiple channels of audio in multiple locations, and also comes in a portable solution for traveling committees. With MURF, legislatures can capture multiple channels of audio and make electronic annotations to highlight key moments in the recording. To facilitate transcription, MURF automatically parses out the audio to transcriptionists in small segments over the network, allowing multiple transcriptionists to share the workload. A range of customizable administrative reports keeps you informed on user productivity and workload.


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